AR3 Capital Announces its Support of Rugby Canada and the Launching of the “Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training Centre.”

Toronto, Ontario, December 5, 2016, AR3 Capital is pleased to announce its support of Rugby Canada and their launch of the new training facility located at the Centre of Excellence in Langford, BC and named the “Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training Centre.”

Kevin Reed, AR3 Capital’s Executive Chairman, was onsite to announce AR3 Capital’s support for the facility’s launch and financial contribution of $750,000. 

At the opening, Kevin acknowledged Rugby Canada and Al Charron saying, “I have seen and witnessed many great sporting events led by some of Canada’s greatest ambassadors.  I must say to the Rugby family and to all of Canada that you have one of the greatest ambassadors in Al Charron.”  Kevin finished, “Al, Annette and Rylan, thank you for giving us the opportunity to support Rugby Canada and for our company to do something for a great Canadian.”

"We are extremely grateful to AR3 Capital ‎for their investment in Rugby Canada and in particular the National Training Centre.  Their corporate generosity not only commemorates a true sporting hero in Al Charron, but will help inspire and train the next generation of Canadian athletes," shared Tim Powers, Rugby Canada’s Chairman.

John Ferraro, AR3 Capital’s CEO congratulated Rugby Canada and Al Charron, “It’s a privilege to be a supporter of Rugby Canada and Al.  Together we share a vision, knowing this facility will bring inspiration and opportunity to young Canadian athletes and the communities where they live.”

Rugby Canada released earlier today: the Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training Centre is scheduled to open in September 2017. The facility will support elite athletes from across the region and across the country and inspire a sense of national pride in our national teams. It will also help bring a community closer together through their shared passion for rugby.

“The name recognition is an honour, but the truly important part of course is that this facility is being built and will be used by generations of athletes to come.  This is an exciting time for Canadian rugby.  Many thanks must go to the visionary people who saw to it that this facility came to be and of course a huge thanks to all those responsible for the funds contributed so this dream project became a reality,” shared Al Charron.

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